If you have already looked at my logo clip pens you can see there is a large assortment to choose from, including a few samples below. However, sometimes you may want your company or club logo custom made.

I can have a custom logo clip made with your choice of picture. It is a good idea not to have it too intricate since it will only be about just less than 1/2 inch round. I have to pay a set-up fee for each new printing so I am asking that you purchase at least 25 pens or pen/pencil combination totaling 25.

25 pens will be a total of 600 dollars including half off gift boxes or $550.

50 pens will be a total of 1000 dollars including half off gift boxes or $900.

100 pens will be a total of 1800 dollars with  half off gift boxes or $1600

This price is for African Rosewood . It is a very good contrasting color to the gold and I always keep a large inventory (look at my Valkyrie club page to see a sample of the wood and a custom logo). If you would like a different material please contact me for availability. Any other questions please go to the contact me page and I will get back to you. You will OK the proof before any printing is done.

You may also want to look at my portrait pens to have your picture/logo on the barrel of the pen. Just click on picture below.