pen or pencil
pen or pencil
This is a very classy pen style and is available in satin, gold, chrome, platinum, black enamel, and gun metal finish. They sell for $30 and are available in any wood or acrylic material from my materials page. The Executive takes a Parker refill


These are known as cigar pens due to their size. They are for larger hands and are heavier than normal pens, but are very well balanced. I also can add grooves or "o" rings for a better grip as you can see from the right 2 pens. These pens are 5-1/2 inches long by 3/4 wide.  They sell for $30.and are available in any wood or acrylic material from my materials page with gold or black enamel plating. They use a Parker refill.

plating options
wood or acrylic material
plating option
wood or acrylic material
Glacia Pens
Click on the pic to get a close-up of the intricate detail of the 3 dimensional band above the clip and top of the finial. The Glacias' elegant, streamlined design is convenient and easy to write with. The Glacia™ uses a Parker style ballpoint refill or a gel refill and uses a premium twist mechanism. Plating choices are gold, chrome, and gun metal. $30

As you can see these really catch your eye! The black and gold go well with any wood or acrylic choice. These pens sell for only $30. This is a slightly larger pen than the slimline, but tapers to a smaller diameter making it perfect for women or men who prefer smaller pens. This pen takes a Parker refill.

wood or acrylic choices
This pen was  designed just for women, and is appropriately named the Diva. The caps features genuine clear Swarovski® crystals on the cap band and an attractive Swarovski® crystal charm suspended off the cap end. This beautiful, smooth writing pen is sure to get noticed. Pen components are plated in Gold T/N and Rhodium to match. It features a flawless mechanism and uses a Parker style refill. This pen sells for $45.  Since acrylic varies, your body color may not be an exact match to my picture, but it will be the same color as the crystal.

These pens make great gifts for the military, Fourth of July,  Memorial Day, Veterans Day or anytime you want to show your patriotism. Please go the contact me page to ask for a quantity discount if you want to give as a gift to the military. They are only $25 and take a Cross refill.
pen or pencil
flag style
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See samples of wood and acrylics on my material page for the pens below. If you are not sure what material you want you can enter  "show me samples" and I will send you pictures showing  what different materials look like on each kit. Click on pictures below to enlarge.
Sport and theme clips (Cross refills)  $25

This is a new pen I started making called the guardian. It has a large grip and a very industrial look with all the chrome. This is the only click pen I make since the mechanism is very strong. This pen looks like you made it in the shop not a wood lathe! It takes a Parker refill and sells for $30.
wood or acrylic choices
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Cross refills
Fountain pens and rollerballs

This is a variation of the Wall Street. The black enamel is replaced with a combination of chrome and satin chrome for a very elegant look. Which is why this pen style is called Elegant Sierra. This pen sells for only $30 and can be made with any wood or acrylic on my materials page.
wood or acrylic choice
This is an upgrade version of the Wall Street. The pen on the left is a unique combination of Titanium Gold and Black Titanium. The pen on the right is a combined Black Platinum and Titanium. These pens are stunning, the picture doesn't do them justice.These pens sell for $50 and can be made with any wood or acrylic on my materials page.
Plating choice:
Material choice:

It's refined, faceted, hexagonal nuts and bolts design will surely impress any tool guy. It has a strong click mechanism and its 3'' long body shows off any wood or acrylic you choose. It is available in chrome and gun metal finish and takes a Parker refill. This pen costs $30
If you are a “computer whiz” or know someone who is, then this is the pen for you. These unique pens feature a real circuit board that is completely encapsulated in clear acrylic. This pen must be seen to be appreciated. It comes in either gold or silver plating, takes a Parker refill and sells for $60.
crystal color
Franklin $100 Pens
Everyone loves the look and draw of good old American cash. The Franklin Pen captures the domestic appeal of the U.S. One Hundred Dollar Bill. The professionally reproduced quality has the color and detail of a real One Hundred Dollar Bill.
This pen is easily worth the $100 it displays, but it is really a deal at $60! You can order the pen in either gold or chrome/satin chrome. This pen takes a standard Parker refill.