Due to the many requests I have received, I have been perfecting the process of putting pictures on your pens. You can choose your favorite selfie, picture of your pet, child, car, cycle, company logo, favorite sports team, school logo, anything you want permanently cast into your pen! I will assist you in any way possible, or you can leave the creative process to me (by the way I love challenges!) After editing the picture and choosing what material I will cast it into, I will send you a picture of what your pen will look like. I will then wait for your approval before I proceed.
This process can be done on any pen I have on my site, and will only add $35 to the cost of your pen! Just let me know what you are sending me a picture of, and click the button below. Then choose what pen you would like from my other pages. You can then go to the contact me page and send me the best resolution picture you have. You can include any special instructions, or leave it to my discretion. I will email you back what your picture will look like on the barrel of the pen. I will then wait for your approval before I proceed with your pen. As you can see from some of the samples below, these are beautiful one of a kind pens, that will permanently showcase your favorite picture. Samples below are Wall Street and Sierra and I feel do the best job of showcasing your picture.
name of picture sent
Personalize your pen for a one of a kind keepsake