Only $20. All slimline pens take Cross refills  (Click on pictures to enlarge)
Go to my material page to see more examples of woods and acrylics
This is an example of a pen and pencil set made out of African rosewood. It is the most common wood choice due to it's woodgrain and contrasting color to the 24k gold. 

Here are examples of black ebony, white holly, pink ivory and yellowheart. You can choose any material on my material page, if you don't see what you are looking for please email me.
pen or pencil
wood or acrylic choice
These are black enamel pens. As you see the clips, centerbands, and tips are all black. They look best in lighter color woods.

This pen and pencil are made from satin material. It is duller than chrome but more durable.

pen or pencil
wood or acrylic choice
pen or pencil
wood or acrylic choice
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Parker refills
Fountain pens and rollerballs

This is a great combination of having a cross refill pen on one end, and a non-marring silicone stylus on the other. Great for any smartphone, tablet, or ipad. The tip is easily replaceable.The price is $25.
wood or acrylic choices